Works from 2007-2011

This is an amalgamation of most works that I or Deep Slumber Lake (Todd Ryan White & Zac Scheinbaum) have made over the last few years. I found some great photos of shows, both solo and group that I (we) have had the opportunity to be included in, along with sketches and other never before seen works. I tried to put some pictures of people with the works to show the scale of the large ink drawings.

Here is a brief excerpt from an interview we did with Sasha Lee for Beautiful Decay…and a more in-depth on her own site.

Deep Slumber Lake is an artist duo consisting of Todd White and Zachary Scheinbaum. Their imaginative wanderings into the ancient and epic themes of swordcraft, battle axes, and wizardry elevate stoner musings of getting high and dropping out of life with bong in hand into epic and magnanimous vistas. Wizard beards become flowing primordial waterfalls of life, mountains become magestic wiccan candles, and battle axes become the pinpoint upon which the very universe rests. If Frank Frazetta smoked just a little more weed and listened to just a little more Judas Priest, you’d have Deep Slumber Lake.”

I Included the 22×30 graphite portraits Todd and I did of each other as severed heads at the bottom. Those i think might be my favorites.


About zacscheinbaum

Zac Scheinbaum works at Saved Tattoo.
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