Skull Mandala

I had two wonderful clients fly out from England to get some work done. Simon had the specific request of a mandala incorporated into the design. Mandalas are not a subject that I work with, mainly because I have seen how badly they can come out when done poorly ( and I feel like Thomas has the reighns). Luckily for me Friend and coworker Thomas Hooper sat down with me and gave me a few lessons. It’s wonderful to try new things, and I am happy with the outcome. Thanks again to Simon for flying out and to Thomas for the Help!!


About zacscheinbaum

Zac Scheinbaum works at Saved Tattoo.
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2 Responses to Skull Mandala

  1. picnic says:

    Nice one mate!

  2. picnic says:

    Can you tell me how big is the angle of one of those pieces wich are on the table on the first photo?

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